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This podcast is the second of a PLG series that focuses on bidding and estimating insights for heavy construction projects.  Shyam Bhatia answers our questions regarding negotiation, contracting strategy and purchasing methods for complex infrastructure projects.  Please click the MP3 file below.

PLG Podcast 2

Shyam Bhatia retired in 2012 as VP Estimating for SKANSKA Civil (New York City) after a 50-year career in estimating, engineering, purchasing and contracts negotiation on mechanical and civil construction projects.  

The opinions expressed in this podcast do not necessarily reflect the opinions of PLG, Project Leadership Guru or its affiliates, members, associates, business partners, advertisers and clients.  This podcast is meant for general information sharing purposes only, and is not meant to serve as a source for professional guidance or direction.  Any reliance on the opinions provided in this podcast is at the risk of the listeners and readers of this blog.  You are urged use your own judgement and that of your professionals when making decisions regarding construction bidding, estimating, negotiation, contracts and project management. 


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