Construction Claims Management for Contractors (Part 1 of 4)

Here are some fundamentals of claims management for contractors (and subcontractors) –

  1. Your claim must be credible.  It must be based on facts!
  2. Focus on the big issues.
  3. Don’t make it personal.  That will only detract from your objective.
  4. Ensure that settlement discussions are without prejudice, i.e., without any loss or waiver of rights or privileges.
  5. Show entitlements with substantive back-up: reports, files, meeting minutes, etc.
  6. Demonstrate how the critical path was disrupted.
  7. Show how additional scope, cost and time was imposed incrementally.  If applicable, show how schedule compression was constructive in nature.
  8. Present facts supporting how hardships were imposed on you by the Owner or its agents.
  9. Understand the contract provisions with regards to assertion of claims, disputes resolution and termination language.
  10. Maintain accurate and timely project accounting data.
  11. Hire an excellent construction attorney!
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