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By Michael Gianatasio, P.E., Chief Safety and Risk Management Consultant

Certified Site Safety

I wanted my first blog entry on the PLG forum to be about a specific safety compliance subject which my industry associates, colleagues and clients in NYC can connect with.  The issue of standpipe provision and maintenance on construction projects is a serious one, and one which has generated much interest during recent years by the NYC Department of Buildings, NYC FDNY and the construction industry.

Construction Standpipe Alarms

NYC Local Law 64 of 2009 (effective February 4, 2010) relates to requirements for construction site standpipe alarm systems, and notification procedures and work restrictions when such systems are out of service.

The following projects must comply with these requirements:

•         New buildings greater than 75 feet in height permitted on or after February 4, 2010.

•         Full demolitions of buildings with standpipes that obtain pre-demolition inspection approval from the BEST Squad on or after February 4, 2010.


Drawings containing details of the temporary air pressurized alarm system must be submitted.

New Building Filing Requirements

The pressurized alarm system drawings must be submitted separately as a required item under the ALT 2 standpipe application and should not be included with the standpipe drawings. There is a new prior-to-permit required item “Standpipe Alarm Drawings & AI1 (Or AI1 proof)” that will apply to the ALT2 standpipe application.

Demolition Filing Requirements

1 > Pressurized alarm system drawings must be submitted as part of the ALT2 standpipe application.

2 > The ALT2 standpipe permit must be issued before the DM permit can be issued.

3 > Demolition contractors must provide the ALT2 application number to the BEST Squad when requesting a pre-demolition inspection.

4 > The BEST Squad pre-demolition inspection approval will not be granted unless the alarm system has passed testing and the associated OP98 has been accepted by the Building Department (see below).

New Testing Requirements:

The licensed master plumber or master fire suppression piping contractor indicated on the ALT2 standpipe permit must test the standpipe alarm system. If the system is successfully tested, the contractor must certify the successful testing on the latest OP98.

Michael Gianatasio has over 16 years of experience in construction safety and risk management.  He holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Manhattan College and is a registered P.E. (Professional Engineer) in NY, CT and FL.  He also holds numerous safety certifications including: NYC DOB Site Safety Manager’s License, FDNY Construction Site Safety Manager’s Certification and various other OSHA certifications.  Mr. Gianatasio has served as an expert witness in New York State Supreme Court labor law cases.

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