Credibility (from the Architect’s Corner)

Matthew Barhdyt, AIA, LEED AP

Principal, Acheson Doyle Partners Architects

Talent is not enough. In an economy where opportunity still seems to be more of a promise than a reality, credibility can make the difference between winning or losing the job–if you’re the architect on the street looking to grab that rare opening of employment–or if you’re a leader in your firm sweating to bring in the next project.  Credibility gets you the unexpected reference from someone you worked with only tangentially and who recommends you to a potential new client or a potential new employer.   Credibility gets you the new project from an old client without having to compete.  You have proven yourself before and no doubt you will prove yourself again.   It is your word, your reputation, your experience, your conviction–and yes, your talent– that you carry with you as an individual. Find these same qualities embodied in every member of a practice and you’ll know what it takes to be successful.

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