Project Management and Project Leadership Training

There are so many courses and programs today on the subject of project management and project leadership.  How does an organization choose from the dizzying array?  I have some thoughts which I hope can clarify the decision-making process.  While many programs are good at delivering on specific issues such as risk management, scheduling, communication and integration etc…, few are good at addressing the questions and concerns that corporate executives, PMO directors and stakeholders raise.

1.  How does the program integrate the nuts of bolts of project management training in a way that translates into a useful experience?

2.  How does the program provide a wholistic learning experience that yields leadership insight and tools that can be used right away?

3.  How does the program add value by  provoking a higher order of thinking among seasoned project managers and project leaders?

4.  Does the program provide significant lessons that justify the expense?

5.  Does the program inspire learning, communication, dialogue, dissent and debate?  Or does it merely deliver information?

In today’s hyper-competitive market, organizations, both private and public, are looking for superlative value for their training dollars.  Before they spend any money on project management training, they must buy into the value proposition.

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