The Gap in Human Potential

I believe that the next frontier in project management is team building, team motivation and team execution. There is a tremendous need to apply modern team building principles, especially in the construction industry. The application of new design and building tools is great; it will make us more efficient and enable us to leverage our technical skills. While technology promises to improve our capacity to deliver results better and faster, it does not completely address the gap between the present state of project management and the potential which exists. Bridging the gap in human potential is a key area that requires our attention. 

Information overload, changing project environments and severe economic pressure are some of the challenges imposed by the market and by our customers (and stakeholders). These demands call for project-centric firms to revisit their ability and will to build, motivate and sustain teams in a credible manner. During the months ahead, I look forward to engaging readers of this blog in an ongoing discussion on team building and project management excellence. 

Keep in mind that the inability of organizations to fully tap into and realize the potential of their people and their teams represents lost opportunity. It is difficult to measure this loss, but it does exist.  Organizations that recognize this and act on it will retain and capture the best talent.

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