Project Cost Opportunities > A guide for Project Managers

1. Define test procedures.

2. Find specification ambiguities.

3. Verify delays especially during document review.

Report review of submittals.

4. Determine or improve methods to increase user

“lock-in”.  Suggest customizations, which would drive

“lock-in”. Any features, which would increase switch-

ing costs, would facilitate this.

5. Identify post-integration services, which would be

desirable to users, or make their jobs easier.

6. Identify post-integration services, which would

enhance user productivity.

7. Look for ways to reduce problems generated after


8. Push for profitable maintenance agreements.

9. Ascertain additional field support that may be needed

by the client.

10. Identify risks associated with site conditions.

11. Look for compatibility or connectivity issues

between our systems and customer infrastructure.

12. Consider improvements in graphics and user inter-

faces, which could be translated into change orders.

13. Standardize processes.

14. Reduce coordination costs.

15. Streamline the handling of “paper”.

Act on it, delegate it…move it.

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