Main Themes in Project Management

  1. Risk / Return – They need to be evaluated together.  
  2. Communication – The absolute cornerstone of effective project management.
  3. Set High Standards and Expectations for Leadership and Integrity
  4. Understand the Dynamics of The Project Office – Functional Group Interface
  5. Manage Stakeholder Expectations
  6. Be Sensitive to the Project Environment
  7. Know the Importance of a Project Champion
  8. Practice Scope Control
  9. Drive Cost and Schedule Management
  10. Be Adaptable to Change
  11. Embrace the Importance of Establishing Trust – Nothing of importance can be accomplished without trust.
  12. Know that Determination and a Will to Win are Key
  13. Set Standards for Clear Reporting and Transparency
  14. Convey the Need for Organizational Discipline
  15. Keep an Eye on the Big Picture
  16. Insist on Clarity
  17. Understand Industry and Project Economics – Pricing, productivity, trends and resource availability.
  18. Realize that Most Decisions Involve a Trade-off
  19. Practice Humility and Respect for the Team > The PM as Servant > The Leader is the Servant
  20. Realize the Destructive Nature of Ego > This applies particularly to construction projects.
  21. Implement Effective Control Systems
  22. Business Drives Technology – Simply put, technology is a tool used to achieve business objectives.
  23. The Learning Organization – If your team and your company are not learning organizations, you will most likely face a competitive disadvantage in the future.
  24. Capture Lessons Learned – We need to learn from the past and improve based on past experience.
  25. Plan for Project Closeout  
  26. Feedback is Important – Project leaders need to solicit feedback from stakeholders, peers and team members.
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